About The Company

Hi, it's Carson here, let me tell you about my business. I specialize in turning my client's vision into reality by handcrafting quality furniture. Every one of my pieces is personally made by myself, from raw material to finished product. 

What started as nothing more than a hobby and a dream, Woods By Woods, LLC has now grown into it's own identity. I started building simple things around the house over 10 years ago. Gradually, as my skills increased, I advanced to more complicated projects. I still remember delivering my first piece of furniture and seeing the look on the customer's face is something I'll never forget. That experience is what I try to recreate with every project. It made me realize that the furniture I create can really make someone's day while also making their house feel just a little more homey. After several years and a combination of timing, passion, and encouragement from happy customers, I decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business!

This is a pursuit of a dream for me and I'd be honored to make you a part of it.


About The Owner

Hi, my name is Carson Woods. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and attended the University of Oklahoma where I double majored in Finance & Energy Management. After college, I worked as a financial analyst for roughly three years before pursuing my woodworking business full time. 

Carpentry, in one way or the other, has been in my family for generations. I guess it comes with the name! My grandfather was the handiest person I've ever known and I still use some of his tools to this day. My other grandfather was a lumber salesman and built numerous pieces of furniture in my own home that are still as sturdy as ever. My dad is also incredibly handy and I believe all these are contributing factors to why woodworking came so naturally to me. 

When I'm not building things I love to spend time with my friends, read, or go for a hike. Long distance hiking is something I'm particularly passionate about. I am proud to say that I successfully hiked all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and hopefully there will be many more hikes to come!